Update 12/20/18: The holiday shipping deadline has passed. If you order now, there is a high chance the order will not get to you by the 24th. All orders placed up December 20th at 9 AM will ship out TODAY.

If your order (HOTM included) is not in the USPS System yet, it should be the end of day.

If you need it by the 24th for a gift, a gift card may be the best option for you. They are sent digitially via email, and can be printed at home for a quick & easy gift.

If you prefer a physical gift, we recommend you choose $8 upgraded Priority Mail shipping to get 24-hour processing and the faster shipping method. If you are on the West Coast, transit times may still get it there by the 24th. If you are anywhere else in the USA, it may not make it there in time. 

Any order placed after the 19th runs the risk of not getting to you by the 24th, regardless of shipping method.
Choosing upgraded shipping will make sure your order gets shipped with the next possible batch, and with the faster shipping method, usually taking 2-4 business days to get to you once shipped.

We are trying our best to make sure every order goes out ASAP, regardless of the method used, and will continue to do so, even after the holiday deadline. While orders placed after the 19th may still arrive before the 24th, we can make no guarantee due to the USPS having a massive influx of packages in their system

We are grateful for your support, patience & understanding during this period. 

General shipping info:


We ship via USPS, so your order will arrive with your standard mail. Be on the lookout for a square box with green tape. All orders should come with tracking info once we process your order, so be sure to check your tracking info for an estimated delivery date.

Please keep an eye on the tracking info, and estimated arrival date. If you can be there when your normal mail arrives, to get the package that may be best. You can also leave a note for your USPS Driver with instructions to leave the package someplace safe. Be careful, there are a lot of package thieves this time of year! 
If you have not received tracking info yet, that means your order is still in the queue. If you have received tracking info and it has not updated yet, that means we have printed out your order info and it is currently being made and will ship as soon as possible. 
If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our customer service and we will get you taken care of

 If your order does not arrive on time:

If your Findlay Hat is intended to be a Christmas gift, and it does not make it to the intended person prior to Christmas, please contact us and let us know. We would be more than happy to have our full team send a personal video to the recipient so they have something fun to open from us on Christmas Day, while they wait for their hat to arrive in the mail.
We are honored to be a part of your gift-giving tradition and want to do whatever we can to ensure a positive experience. Due to the massive amount of orders we receive through this period, the chances of a couple not working out does happen, but please know we will do whatever we can to make it right.
If you want to do this, please just email info@findlayhats.com, let us know their name and any other info you would like us to include in the video to them.